I have had the pleasure to work with Kym as a trainer, she is the full package. In the first day I was impressed with how she immediately tuned into my goals and put me on a direct path toward what I wanted to achieve. It was MY agenda – with her expertise enabling me to succeed. I have had other trainers in the past and that was not my previous experience.
However, Kym’s attributes far exceed that of being an excellent trainer. During my time with Kym I started to experience some strange physical symptoms that at one point even landed me in the hospital. It was a few months of doctors trying to diagnose me before an actual diagnosis of adrenal fatigue was given. During this time Kym was keeping track of how I reacted to each type of exercise and trying to troubleshoot and exercise regimen that I could still work within. She was doing research on the symptoms I had to try and help figure out what was happening during this scary time. She far exceeded her hired duty as a trainer and took the words “personal trainer” to heart. For that I will always be grateful to her. ~ Rebecca Spaak

Kym Matthews is thoughtful, committed and knowledgeable trainer whose concern for her client does not begin and end with her sessions. Kym’s constant support during my weight loss and fitness journey has never waned even when my own commitment has tired. She is focused on my well being from head to toe and has helped me work through my struggles with a listening heart. Her never ending energy is truly amazing and her work God inspired. ~ Kristi _MG_0096 Kym is the best! I know first hand she is genuinely interested in helping her clients meet their goals. Kym offers support and encouragement always. But most importantly, variety, to help keep you going. Kym works very hard behind the scenes planning new routines and working on continuing education to offer her clients the best there is.
If you commit, she can help get you there! ~Tanya Johns

It doesn’t matter the type of exercise, Kym has the workout to fit your needs. My sessions have been productive, motivating, and well designed for my best result. Kym continually researches for the most up to date methods of training and incorporates them into her sessions. You may use a rock or log, but you can bet it will be with purpose and it will be both fun and effective. I’ve gained strength, courage and self esteem working with Kym over the last year! ~Cindi Henley