cropped-edit_1_1.jpgEcotrek is one of my favorite training options for my clients. It is an outdoor group fitness class that meets all year round at local parks.
The sessions integrate strength training, cardio & flexibility all in a 75-minute workout – and every session is different. There’s really nothing better than using your outdoor environment as your GYM. You’ll discover some places you never knew existed, and rediscover the obvious parks and playgrounds that you might not have paid much attention to prior to discovering Ecotrek. Everyone is encouraged to works at their own level, so you’re never involved in a competition or feel intimidated. At each session you will be given a resistance tube to work with and then we start walking through the parks and trails, stopping at various points to do some work with the bands. Ecotrek is so unique in the social component that goes with it…….studies have show that people who train in a group are driven to see better results and stay committed. You will definitely connect with encouraging fun people…often recipes are shared or just topics of what has worked and what hasn’t for others trying to stay on the fitness path.

To find out more info go to and look for Grand Rapids South under the “schedules and locations” drop down tab.