Finding Kympossible….a snipet of my journey to self discovery.

personal powerRecently I had to answer the question, “If I had to title a book of my life to this point, what would the title be?” My answer….”Finding Kympossible”
Do you remember that show!? I love Ronstopppable!
But the truth is I have spent the last 10 years finding the Kym who believed in the possibilities. I saw my therapist for the last time this week. As she has been pointing out for the last year, I no longer need her. She is right but I have come to enjoy seeing her. Not so much in the beginning!… but as I reflect on how that journey has played out. Here is what happened and why I no longer need her.
10 years ago when I landed in her office, she spent about six weeks basically interviewing me. Then one day she shared what she believed were 6 self-defeating behaviors I had. I still have that journal and review it from time to time. From there a series of about 5 steps happened….
1.TEACH ….It took about 2-4 years of her teaching me, how to handle my emotions. This was an ugly process!
2.COACH…from there I would “run the plays” she had taught me and she would coach me on how I did. Sometimes a win, sometimes not. From this I learned that failure was an event, not who I was.
3.MENTOR…..from there she stepped back a little and became my trusted and experienced adviser. I was well equipped and handling life, she was on the sidelines advising.
4. CHEERLEADER… this point I was just coming into her office and sharing how I had handled my shit and she was cheering for me.
5.SPECTATOR……she has now moved herself up into the stands where she can proudly watch me do life.
She has been replaced by many trusted and experienced advisers, as I have learned to surround myself with the right people.
If you have walked any part of this pilgrimage with me you know it has been complex and at times convoluted, but it is my journey and I am the only one responsible for the mess or not so mess I am. Life no longer happens to me, I am the director of my life. I am okay with you who I am….not so okay that I will stop learning and challenging myself, but enough to keep stepping outside my comfort zone.

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