That scary “C” word

That word that makes us pause, that makes me sometimes fret….it can even make me run and hide!! OMG….I made a “commitment”

The dictionary describes commitment as…

1.the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.
“the company’s commitment to quality”

Hmmmm… I was running the Riverbank 25K this year…..[I have over the last few years started running without headphones, cause you get to hear the greatest conversations..yep I was eves dropping the whole way]…..anyway, this year very early in the race, two guys just behind me were discussing the fact that 13 people running the race this year had done it every year. They announce this every year at the start of the race, and in case you don’t know the first year it was run was in 1978. So these folks had run it 38 years straight. As one of the fellows commented, that’s amazing that your life could line up so that you could do that every year. Wait! What?! You mean they didn’t have any birthday parties to attend or Mother’s day obligations… Great Aunt Suzie who was turning 90 that day and may never have another birthday…..WOW! They are lucky!

Ahh…NOPE, NO, NO WAY…… that is not likely the way it went down at all. These individuals made a commitment. Maybe not even a conscious commitment, but at some point in time they decided they were going to run this event no matter what other events might be happening that day.

Well that is kind of….no not kind of….that IS what you have done by signing up for The FRED with the WMTGC team. You committed to being prepared to run a 200 mile relay with 11 other crazy people and to raise $2000 for the West Michigan Trails and Greenways Coalition.

A commitment is not usually a “one and done” kind of thing. Like you say “I do” at the alter and yep your married….committed FOR LIFE….lol bold letters were for my benefit 🙂
But there is still a lot of work to do. Same with the FRED….you signed the agreement but there is still work to do. That is were John and I come in. We are here to help. If you have any questions regarding the running part of it, contact me…I can help and I want to help. Really any questions. So it goes with fundraising…any questions call John. Last week I could not figure out how to get all the names and addresses into my letters and envelopes. John sat down to my computer and voila!

We are 11 weeks out from the FRED. Plenty of time to be ready and have our fundraising in, but it is a weekly commitment. You have to be doing something small each week to get to your goal. So PLEASE, PRETTY PLEASE, send me a weekly update of how many miles you got in and how it is going. You can even just text them to me.

When you make a commitment and you see it through you are going to feel like I did in that finish photo, but believe me there where miles along the way that I thought “what the hell have I done” but believe me on Aug 6th your going to be so proud of yourself!!!

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